5 Sources To Check Latest Google Algorithm Update

Google wants to make the web secure, and for this Google did many changes in search results. Google completely changed its search ranking algorithm from its presence. To keep you updated with the latest Google algorithm I have consolidated some online trusted sources in this post.

Sources to check the latest Google algorithm update:

If you want to rank well in Google search so you must need to be updated with Google algorithm changes because Google is a main source of traffic. Following are the best resources to know about Google algorithm changes.

1 – Search Engine Roundtable:

SERoundTable.com is a very reliable source to check complete history of old and latest Google algorithm update. It keeps updated all algorithm changes with dates.

google algorithm change

2- MOZ.com:

MOZ has a complete list of all algorithm changes since Google started changing its algorithm and started releasing updates. It is very easy for you to check that which year which update Google released.

3- Search Engine Land:

As its name suggests, it has huge information regarding changes and new updates in the search engine industry. It covers almost every topic related algorithm changes in Google search.

Latest Google algorithm update

4- RankRanger:

RankRanger.com keeps updated with the latest change in Google algorithm and a possible future change alert as well. It shows algorithm changes by visual graphs and marking relevant sources from where you can get more information regarding a change.

5- The WebMaster:

The WebMaster writes a valuable post once Google released any updates and a speculation gets floated in search results algorithm.

Final Words:

Google keeps changing its search algorithm every year and many times in a year but most of the changes are minor. Google’s only motto to change algorithm every time is to keep the web secure and show relevant and useful pieces of information to the people. Keep reading above said resources and others to keep yourself updated with the latest Google algorithm update.

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